After almost fifteen years of building publishing websites, we are proud to offer publishers a brand-new product tailored to your needs and a brand-new company to support it. ONIXLIve is a one-stop, data-driven storefront for publishers and distributors.

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Bill Kennedy
Director, Development


Three Steps To ONIXLive

What is ONIXLive?

ONIXLive is a direct sales and discovery tool for publishers. It consists of three components:

  • The ONIXLive Storefront: The ONIXLive Storefront is an e-commerce system and catalogue discovery tool for publishers and booksellers. It is easy for your customers to use, mobile-aware, and supports many popular payment mechanisms and e-book platforms. It also provides a number of easy ways to showcase and feature books. Look to Irwin Law, a recent client, to see it in action.
  • The ONIXLive Deployment Engine: This is the beating heart of our system. The ONIXLIve engine allows you to deploy your ONIX data directly to your storefront. With valid ONIX data, you can have your store up and running almost instantly. The deployment engine also allows for direct addition and editing of catalogue entries if your ONIX isn't quite ready.
  • The Content Management System: ONIXLive is built on the popular open source Drupal 7 Content Management System, giving you access to a wealth of tools for content-based integrated marketing. Intelligent Machines can set up a custom, responsively designed, easy-to-manage website that will allow your marketing team free reign to post news, podcasts, galleries, videos, social media feeds, long-form articles or whatever they can dream up!

In this era of shrinking shelf space, having strong online direct sales capabilities is a must for publishers. ONIXLive provides a powerful, low-maintenance tool to connect your books with your customers.


ONIXLive Storefront

  • Easy to update.. With our ONIXLive engine, you can instantly deploy and update your entire catalogue. Our Storefront also features a form-based way to add and edit titles.
  • Easy to browse. The Storefront has a powerful, instantly updating discovery tool that allows customers to browse by any number of criteria, including date, series, subject and imprint.
  • Easy to search. All titles in your catalogue are fully searchable by title, author, ISBN and basic content. Our Storefront also has a “Search Within” feature that integrates a text-based search into our catalogue browser tool.
  • Easy on the eyes. A good user experience is the key to direct sales. We take our graphic design seriously, providing a contemporary look that takes advantage of the best usability practices and research.
  • Marketing-friendly. Our Storefront has a number of tools to help your publicity team market your books. The ONIXLive showcase allows you to prominently feature sets of books in a slick, animated homepage carousel. The ONIXLive Hero allows you to feature any site content for maximum impact.
  • E-book friendly. Our Storefront supports a number of different e-book platforms through our sophisticated Fulfilment API, allowing us to be flexible with publishers and their chosen solutions. We support a number of third-party e-book tools alongside direct download capabilities. We also support Kindle and Kobo via affiliation links – if you must drive e-book sales to the big players, you might as well get some consideration!
  • Mobile-friendly. An increasing number of customers will be viewing your site on a mobile device. The ONIXLive storefront is designed to be friendly for all popular phones and tablets.
  • Author-friendly. Author-driven marketing is fundamental in today’s publishing landscape. Our Storefront instantly provides author pages, complete with headshots, social media feeds, author news and the ability for customers to purchase their titles. What’s more, our author pages are driven directly from your ONIX data - no need to update them independently. Give your authors an instant, consolidated web presence!
  • Supplier-friendly. As you can gather, ONIXLive is pretty friendly! Our Fulfilment API allows a number of mechanisms to update your distributor when orders come in. If your distributor isn't supported, Intelligent Machines can quickly build a bridge, ensuring that your customers get their books with maximum efficiency.
  • Scalable Our Storefront can handle catalogues of any size. Publishers with mid-size to large catalogues can really take advantage of our ONIX-based deployment engine. Moreover, our Storefront can support multiple publishers and imprints, making it perfect for industry organizations and distributors!
  • Flexible. You can choose what features you want, and hide the rest.
  • Categorizable. Your catalogue can be categorized by BISAC code, Thema or your own proprietary categorization scheme. ONIXLive also offers BISAC mapping, allowing you to group BISAC categories under marketing-friendly banners.
  • Discoverable. In addition to our on-board discovery tools, ONIXLive is search-engine and social-media friendly. ONIXLive takes advantage of many “semantic web” approaches to help Google, Bing and Facebook find and properly categorize your data.

ONIXLive Deployment Engine

  • Efficient. If you have valid ONIX data, there isn’t a more efficient way to deploy and update your own catalogue. Just upload your ONIX feed, and your catalogue is updated at the touch of a button. Book covers can be keyed by ISBN and uploaded together. Likewise, author photos can be zipped up and instantly deployed to author pages.
  • Intelligent. Our system adapts to your data. Our Storefront recognizes publication codes, availability codes, related titles, updated editions and regional suppliers, allowing you to control what your customers can see and purchase. It also assembles related print, hardcover, and softcover into a single web page.
  • Easy to use. ONIX can sometimes be intimidating. Our system audits every ONIX record and prevents corrupt data from entering your catalogue. It also gives you feedback on any problems it finds so you can correct issues and re-upload.

ONIXLive Editor

  • Flexible. The ONIXLive Editor allows you a number of ways to deploy your catalogue. You can add your titles directly to our Storefront without ONIX data. Moreover, our system can output valid ONIX data from your entries, making it a powerful editing tool.
  • Future-proof. Our editor is our newest feature, and we’re actively working on ways to make it more powerful. We currently support ONIX 2.1, but will soon support ONIX 3. Moreover, we’re planning new tools to instantly update ONIX-based resellers, allowing you to use your own site as your homebase for your book data.

The Content Management System

  • Easy. Drupal is easy to use, which means that your administrative team will be able to do most of the site maintenance themselves.
  • Robust. The Drupal 7 Content Management System is both sophisticated and popular and drives some of the most content-rich sites on the internet. It's out-of-the-box capabilities make its rivals pale in comparison.
  • Open. Drupal and its extensions are open source, meaning that you have free access to a wealth of software. Intelligent Machines have a long history of working in Drupal, and can build a custom, content driven site that suits your needs.
  • Content-rich. Good content is key to good marketing. With a mixture of Drupal’s built-in content capabilities, third-party extensions and our own customized tools, you have a powerful online publishing suite at your disposal, for:
    • event calendaring;
    • news and blog feeds;
    • social media support;
    • podcasting capabilities;
    • video trailer broadcasting; and
    • whatever you can imagine
  • Secure. Drupal takes security seriously, and actively updates its software to respond to new security threats. It also integrates with spam-prevention systems to combat malicious robots from cluttering your site.
  • Portable. Drupal and ONIXLive can be hosted anywhere, making our system extremely portable. Intelligent Machines can assess your website needs and recommend appropriate hosting arrangements.

Publisher Contact

Publisher Contact

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